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Panagia village
Panagia village

Located in the Pafos (Paphos) region, some 33 km northeast of Pafos town, the beautiful village of Panagia offers agrotourism in its natural environs, with its largest part located within Pafos Forest, at an altitude of 850 metres above sea level. It can be reached by following the A6 from the town of Pafos, and then the E606.

The village’s name comes from Panagia (the Virgin Mary), to whom the neighbouring monastery of Panagia Chrysorrogiatissa is also dedicated. One theory believes that under Frankish rule, Panagia village was a fief called ‘Casal Nostra Donna’ (of the Virgin Mary). The monastery houses an interesting Icons and Utensil Treasury, whilst a large religious festival is held annually on August 14 in honour of the Virgin Mary.

The village is also famous for being the birthplace of the Republic’s first president - Archbishop Makarios III - with two museums dedicated to the late Archbishop; the family home of the Archbishop, and the Museum of Cultural Foundation Archbishop Makarios III.

Other interesting sights include the various local wineries, the monastery of Agia Moni and the Vouni Panagias Nature Trail, which begins at the town square, and takes three hours to complete. Visitors can also enjoy the festival ‘Ta Rogiatika’, which takes place annually on August 15, and includes a programme of music and dance.

The main crops of the village include grapevines, various fruit trees, pulses, almond and olive trees, amongst others.

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