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Gourri village
Gourri village

Located in the Lefkosia (Nicosia) district, just 36 km from the capital, the small mountainous village of Gourri sits at the foothills of the Machairas mountain forest - in the Pitsilia area - and can be reached by following the E903 and then the E904.

There are various versions of how the village was founded and named. One tells that it was established around 800 AD, taking its name from the Kourries clan who were in control of the east side of the mountain, whilst another believes it comes from the Frankish feudal lord, Jacob de Gourr.

Aside from its charming character and scenic views, the village also has an interesting Folk Art Museum, which opened in 2015, as well as the church of Agios Georgios. According to an ancient inscription in the interior of the church, the inauguration occurred on May 24, 1898, whilst sections of its iconostasis date back to 1906.

While visiting Gourri, take the opportunity to purchase local, traditionally-made sweets and preserves, including homemade marmalades and ‘glyka tou koutaliou’ (fruit and vegetables preserved in syrup), all made by the local housewives. A short drive away you will also find the scenic village of Fikardou and Machairas Monastery.

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