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Blessed with all the elements that make a diver’s paradise, Cyprus attracts visitors from all over the world for its favourable weather conditions, top-ranking wrecks and diverse marine life. With warm waters that range from 16-27 degrees almost all-year-round, the island enjoys one of the longest diving seasons in the Mediterranean, further enhanced by fantastic visibility - thanks to an absence of plankton. A range of wrecks, spectacular underwater caves and tunnels, and interesting paths await exploration - always with the promise of discovering something unique, from the remains of ancient amphora and stone anchors, to the exotic residents of their underwater worlds. And whilst the coastal reefs of the island range from natural to artificial, both share the same characteristics, acting as areas of reproduction, growth, feeding and refuge for a multitude of marine organisms. Teeming with a wide variety of colourful fish, sponges, coral, sea anemones, octopus, mussels and sea urchin, the waters of the island are abundant with life, whilst shy sea turtles can also be spotted regularly, along with the rarer Mediterranean Seal.

So, whether you are an experienced diver or trying the sport for the first time, Cyprus offers the ideal diving experience. And if you need a helping hand in locating an accredited dive school, the Cyprus Dive Centre Association lists all its members: http://cyprusdiving.org.cy/.

Cyprus Dive Sites 

Diving Brochure (pdf)



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