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This beautiful reef is named from its many channels that resemble octopus tentacles when viewed from above, rather than the sea creature, which is also abundant at the site.

The reef is equally enjoyablefor both beginners and advanced divers, and is also suitable for honing diving skills, including mapping, night diving, navigation and deep diving.

The dive is picturesque, with white sand, some Posidoniaseagrass andsmall rockswhere small fish, sea cucumbers and abundantsea anemones dwell.

Other marine life includes grouper, nudibranch, lionfish, moray eels, sea urchins, and of course the many octopi. Turtles can also be spotted.         

Location: Protaras, Ammochostos
GPS Coordinates: 34°59'27.77"N 34° 4'30.12"E
Type of Dive Site: Rocky
Depth: 15 metres
Visibility: 20+ metres
Access: Shore (rocky entrance)
Qualification Required: Open Water
Dive Category:Recreational Diving       


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