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Akrotiri Peninsula Diving Site
Akrotiri Peninsula Diving Site
The area of Akrotiri Peninsula is comprised of various sites, including wrecks, reefs and caves, combining to offer a rich and varied range of diving experiences across this beautiful part of the island’s coastline.
Among the most popular are:
Akrotiri Fish Reserve: a shallow site with excellent visibility of up to 30 metres that is brimming with fish and is also ideal for snorkellers. Among its treasures are the submerged hull of an abandoned helicopter.

Three Stars shipwreck: the wreck of the Mav Achaios(built in 1932) sank in the seventies whilst transporting wood from Yugoslavia to Saudi Arabia. After a fire onboard and a storm swept through the ship, she was run aground in Akrotiri peninsula where the shallow waters left the vessel partially submerged. She remains halfway out of the water to this day, with her rusty colours blazing when the sun sets.

Shark Cove: a charming cove (formerly known as Fisherman’s Cove) with a long, submerged, divable tunnel, along with short swim through tunnels, dramatic cliff face and a rocky reef.
Twin Rocks: two large rocks protruding out of the water with a blow hole in the eastern rock.

Tombs: a complex of interesting caves that locals believe to possibly be ancient tombs.

Collectively, the sites attract an array of marine life as such bream, bass, grouper, moray eels, turtles, and even the occasional and treasured sighting of the shy Mediterranean Seal within the caves. With so many different habitats, divers are to delight in all the sea creatures they will discover across the peninsula.

Location: Akrotiri, Lemesos
GPS Coordinates: N 34.5685 N E 33.0432
Type of Dive Site:Rock, Reef, Wreck
Depth: 9-20 metres
Visibility: 15-30 metres
Access: By boat
Qualification Required: Open Water
Dive Category: Recreational Diving
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