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Green Bay
Green Bay
This picturesque bay is part of the Cape Gkreko network of dive sites, where friendly marine life flourishes in the crystal-clear waters and among the colourful pebbles.

As this is a shore dive with walk in entry - and an absence of currents or waves - it is considered to be the easiest dive sites in the region and is approved by major dive associations as a confined water training area, making it the perfect spot for beginners and introductory dives.
The site also introduces the marine life of the area in a delightful way at the ‘Fish Rock’ feeding station where large schools of seabream are a common feature and turtle sightings are frequent. Other species at the site include cornetfish, cuttlefish, octopi, ornate wrasse, parrotfish, pipefish, rainbow wrasse and starfish.

Divers can also enjoy a cultural element to this easy dive thanks to the artificial statues (replicas of Ancient Greek monuments), submerged at a depth of 10 metres, whilst there are fragments of ancient amphorae to be discovered on the seabed.

Location: Cape Gkreko - Protaras, Ammochostos
GPS Coordinates: 35° 0'1.13"N 34° 4'4.51"E
Type of Dive Site: Shore Dive
Depth: 11 metres
Visibility: 20 metres
Access:Shore (walk in)
Qualification Required: Open Water
Dive Category:Recreational Diving

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