theYard.Residency.18 - Annual and June Programme
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theYard.Residency.18 - Annual and June Programme

theYard.Residency.18 artistic residency programme at Old Vinegar Factory from Center of Performing Arts MITOS

Old Vinegar Factory,
Genethliou Mitella 34
3036 Lemesos, Cyprus
Phone: +357 99 985 232

June 2018 Programme
Flash | 24hour shot
Centre of Performing Arts MITOS and Dance House Lemesos organises Flash for the 2nd consecutive year, in the frame of the theYard.Residency programme. Flash as a platform, poses an open dialogue about the creative process and the perception of the artistic work. The two Limassol-based organizations, with ten years of experience and intense action in productions, residency programs, collaborations with abroad, educational programs, festivals, European programs, etc., consider Flash as a necessity for reflection and exchange.
This year's Flash focuses on the relationship between the spectator and the creator in a coordinated discussion. Invited artists from the field of Performing Arts – Melita Kouta and Harris Kafkarides (Paravan Proactions), Paris Erotokritou (Fresh Target Theatre Ensemble), Katerina Loura (Theatro Dentro), Eleana Alexandrou (bytheway productions), Marina Makri and Elena Kallinikou (enacttheatre)- will be asked to answer specific questions having a time limitation, about: the facts and the reality in which Cypriot artists create, the motives and the stimulations for the creative process, the importance of the work’s sustainability, the artist’s status and how it affects the relationship with the audience, the connection of the artistic idea and the final result. The platform Flash will give the floor also to a group of invited audience- Ellada Evangelou (dramaturge), Evis Michaelides (Jewellery designer/ Activist), Argiris Argirou (General director Appnext Cyprus) and Anastasios Kouroupakis (journalist), who will we asked to discuss: what are the criteria for going to a performance, what are the expectations, what attracts and what alienates audiences from going to a performance.
2nd of June 2018
18:00 – 20:00
For more information +357 97 879 793
Εntrance free
Re-writing the Constitution: A workshop | Residency
We would like to invite you at the open presentation of this workshop, which is a collaboration between Omada One/Off (Cyprus), ShadowCasters (Croatia), and Rooftop Theatre Group (Cyprus). The open presentation will take place on the 11th of June, at Old vinegar Fctory.
The workshop will constitute a starting point in the process of building a devised theatre performance inspired by the current social, political and economic situation in Cyprus. The re-writing of the Constitution will be used as a tool to raise these issues and produce the first raw material from the participants’ personal input. As the format of the Constitution is multi-faceted by nature and structured in such a way as to contain a body of fundamental principles, this will be an excellent structure for the beginning of the research on this subject, through which the participants will be acting as active citizens, building together their own vision for the country they live in, through raising questions, arguing and building a common utopia.
Workshop leaders: Boris Bakal – director / actor / activist, Ellada Evangelou – dramaturg / director, Maria Kyriakou / director, Maria Varnakkidou- actress, Mentor - Theopisti Stylianou Lambert
11th of June
Time – 20:00 - 22:00
More information – +357 99 321 812
Entrance free
Residency duration – 8 days
Peta ston Aera| Guest participant
The performance of the enacttheatre group, Peta ston Aera, will be presented for two more nights on the 16th nd 17th of June, as guest participants.
One square, two female beings, and a third living existence of height 1.87, are in the midst of an intensity of information. Information flips in the air as the characters, either competing or try to overcome each other.
Direction,text,dramaturgy- enctthetahre, Production – encattheatre, Performers- Marina Makri, Elena Kallinikou, Art direction – Stephanos Drousiotis, Light designer- Marinos Charalambous, Mentor- Lia Haraki, Artistic advisor- Dimitris Chimonas, Prosuction assistant- Evita Ioannou, Poster- Alexis Themistokleous
16th and 17th of June
Time – 20:30
Εntrance – 10 Euro
Reservation –+357 99 942 966

Sponsored by- THOC
Thanks – Dance House Lemesos, Centre of Performing Arts MITOS, Marios Ioannou, Michalis Parmakkis, Stephanie Makri, Marianna Michael, Marios Makris, Antria Pougiouka, Antroula Kafa, Sofia Anastasiou

1.Information for the residency programme theYard.Residency
The Center of Performing Arts MITOS presents for the 8th consecutive year the theYard.Residency.18, an artistic residency programme, which is realized in the space of Old Vinegar Factory in Lemesos.

theYard was Lukasz Walewski’s idea, an idea for an artistic meeting, with creators from all fields of performing arts, for a common creation, on a common theme. The result was a 3-day festival, with the participation more of 25 artists. The next year, the organization renamed it to theYard.Residency, a residency programme. The aim was to provide an artistic house, because of the limited sponsorships for the culture. Every year, theYard.Residency is sketched according to the needs of the artistic community and the possibilities of the organizators.

Today, the residency programme is active during all year, the yearly schedule is formed after an open call for creators and artistic groups from all fields of arts, from Cyprus and abroad. The programme continues to support the artistic creation, new ideas, the dialogue between artists and audience, the exchange and communication between artists and motivates the artists themselves to take charge of their own productions. The programme aims to preserve a platform for performing arts at the Old Vinegar Factory and to encourage the redefinition of performing arts according to the needs of artists today and in line with the capacities of MITOS. The theYard.Residency.18 seeks proposals from young artists that need artistic or practical support and from experienced artists with fresh ideas from Cyprus or abroad. The program also calls organisations, that offer opportunities of participation in their own platforms and spaces in order to support exchange and mobility.

For this year, theYard team (Elena Agathokleous - Program Coordination, Lukasz Walewski - Manager of Old Vinegar Factory, Constantina Peter - Production, Eleana Alexandrou- Host) proposed its’ 2017 structure divided in four categories. Furthermore, MITOS invests in its collaboration with Dance House Lemesos (activity Flash Dance) and in a new collaboration with SPACE in Nicosia, where two participations of this years’ residency will be chosen to perform there.

The categories of the theYard.Residency.18 are:
Ι. On stage - Professional performances of theatre, dance, performing art, that have already been presented in Cyprus or abroad. These works show innovation in direction, methodology and artistic form.

ΙΙ. 24hr shot - Artistic actions from the fields of music, literature, theatre, dance, etc. An opportunity for experimentation or presentation of completed ideas.

ΙΙΙ. Residency - Artists that seek space for the making of a new work or developing existing ideas in the fields of theatre, dance, performance art, music and visual art. According to the projects selected a mentor will be chosen to work with the artists. The residency lasts for 10 days and on the last day the maker is required to present the outcomes, either publicly or to a selected audience, followed by a discussion

ΙV. Premiere - This category refers to proposals that the Center of Performing Arts MITOS will act as a co-producer. This new category aims to support the performing arts scene and the artistic mobility.

For 2018, MITOS will collaborate with:
a) The project "Our teacher is a troll" directed by Yorgos Kyriakos. After participating in the Residency category (2017), their results and the availability/passion of the actors lead MITOS to decide to give the opportunity to complete the work as a theatrical performance.
b) The project "Blood Red Roses" directed by Loukia Pieridou and Silvain Chevet, who also participated in this year's Residency category. Their humor, imagination, action and warm reaction of the public made theYard creative team choose them to complete their performance.

2. The programme for the theYard.Residency.18
(Selection team: Elena Agathokleous – Actress/ Artistic Director at Center of Performing Arts MITOS, Elena Antoniou - Dance and Performance Artist, Eleana Alexandrou – Performance Maker, Constantina Peter – Theatrologist/ Dramaturge, Lukasz Walewski – Director/ Co-director at Centre of Performing Arts MITOS )

Residency – theatrical performance

26,27.01 | 20:30
Information – +357 99 556 226
Residency duration – 8 days

Οn stage – theatre

24,25.02 | 20:00
Loucas Ioannou – Marianna Pafite
Dystopia: il Paradiso
Information – +357 97 793 188, +357 99 582 387
Residency duration – 5 days

Residency – theatre

12.04| workshop
16,17.04 |20:30 performances
Elias Adam – Styliana Ioannou – Panos Malaktos
Information- +357 99 268 435
Residency duration - 9 days

Οn stage – theatre

21 - 22.04 | 20:30
Information – +357 99 597 481
Residency duration – 5 days

Guest participant – theatre

9,10, 11.05|20:30
On Air
Information – +357 99 942 966
Residency duration– 5 days

Residency – interdisciplinary performance practice

30.05| 20:00
Minshin Yano - Korallia Stergides - Raphael Schulenburg
Information – +357 99 226 742
Residency duration – 10 days

24hour shot – physicality

in collaboration with Dance House Lemesos
flash dance
Information- +357 25 34 0618/ +357 97 879 793
Residency duration – 24 hours

Residency – theatre workshop

11.06 | 18:00 – 22:00 open showing
Οmada Οne/Off
Re-writing the Constitution: A workshop
Information - +357 99 321 812
Residency duration – 8 days

24hour shot

08.07 | ongoing - reservation
Rodia Vomvolou
Let me Google that for you | performance
Information – +357 99 561 639

08.07 | 21:00
Εvie Demetriou / Εn drasi
when it turns red | dance
Information – +357 99 349 716
Residency duration - 24 hours

24hour shot – music

18.07 | 20:30
The Albatros Project
Information – +357 96 661 220
Residency duration – 24 hours

Premiere - theatre

03,04, 10,11,12,13.09 | 20:30
Lubago Theater Group
Our Teacher’s a Troll
Information – +357 99 561 639
Residency duration – 1 month

Residency – theatre

15.11 | 20:30
Maria Varnakkidou
Information - +357 99 743 055

Μaria Philippou
The brief happiness of a charming murder
Information - +357 99 846 645
Residency duration – 10 days

24hour shot – art performance

30.11| 21:00
Christina Papakyriakou
esti-a-zo (focus)
Information - +357 99 380 483
Residency duration – 24 hours

Premiere - theatre

15,16,17 .12| 21:00
The Ice Cream Van
Blood Red Roses
Information – 99 319120
Residency duration – 1 month

3. Center of Performing Arts MITOS profile
The Center of Performing Arts MITOS is a non-profit organization (NGO), founded by the performers Elena Agathokleous and Lukasz Walewski in 2007. The ‘home’ of the center, Old Vinegar Factory, is an old traditional vinegar manufacture that is located in the historical area of Limassol, near the medieval castle of the city.

MITOS’ task is to contribute in the artistic creation and promotion of contemporary theater and performing arts, through collaborations with other artists, groups and organizations from Cyprus and abroad the creation of theater productions, co-productions, participations in festivals in Cyprus and abroad the creation of festivals and other artistic platforms the development of educational and artistic programmes with social character for the local community the Old Vinegar Factory, as a contemporary artistic platform.

MITOS theatrical work counts 17 productions with references in cultural heritage, ancient drama, poetic texts and their contemporary expression. The group submitting theatrical productions has taken part in conferences and festivals in Cyprus, Greece, France, and Poland and was invited to present theoretical suggestions concerning the theatrical approach of its projects.

In addition, the Center organizes the residency program theYard.Residency at Old Vinegar Factory (the mikro ancient drama festival - the short film experimental festival Strange Screen.Cyprus that was realized during the years 2009-2011, in collaboration with cinematography team Anemicinema). At the same time, MITOS, for the 4th year functions the theatrical education programme lipasma (groups for professionals, adults, teenagers, children), organizes workshops, master classes happenings, exhibitions etc. Realizes, in collaboration with local schools, theater interventions of social character.

MITOS runs and participates in EU programmes: Ariadne’s Walk, a journey to the Northside”, 2012 (Leonardo Da Vinci Programme, awarded by LLP), My Voice, 2014 (Leonardo Da Vinci Programme) and as coordinator in CULTURE program 2007-2013, entitled Songs of My Neighbours, 2013-2015. Furthermore, MITOS was part of the official programme of E.C.C. Pafos 2017, with the two-year project Hero-isms. Has published 2 books and 2 documentaries relevant with its activities.
From Monday, January 01, 2018
To Monday, December 31, 2018

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