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The Fainting performance consists of two famous one-act comedies by Russian playwright Chekhov, the Marriage Proposal and the Bear. Written in 1888-1889, the plays have been perfomed to theatrical stages scenes many times worldwide. But they keep their comic scourge unabated, since they are based on physical humor - as the title of our show shows - in quick and smart dialogs, and in recognizable situations and characters: The daughter of marriage age and the incumbent aspiring son-in-law who cannot agree on the boundaries of a field - or anything else (guarantee of marital happiness!), and the unscrupulous captain with the debilitating widow who disagree to the extremes about the repayment of a debt - but always with a happy ending.
The creative team approaches the two plays in a playful mood to entertain the public, to recommend works of great literary value to them, and to fuel the timely/timeless source of their comedy: the arrogance of characters, the lack of knowledge about themselves, and social hypocrisy.
These figures show Chekhov's aristotechnical pen that, at the age of 28, wrote works that have remained on the map of literature and theater for over 130 years. The Marriage Proposal and Bear are classic texts for this and they're "speaking" in today with the same freshness that they were speaking to the audience when they were first wrıtten.

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Start date/End date:   1/07/2021 – 27/08/2021 

Start time/End time: 20:00 - 21:15
Entrance: FREE

From Thursday, July 01, 2021 -  20:00
To Friday, August 27, 2021 - 21:15


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