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To Those To Them
Art Exhibition
“ A thin line between reality and fantasy, a moment that ought to have remained a secret;
there is always something hidden in the ordinary…”
Once In a Blue Moon presents the unconventional, experiential fine-art photography & installation exhibition To Those To Them.
In the now known Loulou’s House in Larnaca the audience is this time invited to observe nine images that have been created using a meticulous process similar to the one used in featured films. A brave move and a remarkable collaboration from upcoming creators from Cyprus.
Inspired by the idea that there is always something hidden in the ordinary, distinctive locations partially forgotten or isolated within the Larnaca district were selected to be captured. Within those, different stories unfold and different characters are being depicted.
What presents itself as a unified image, is in reality a composition of many. The result is a carefully curated still moment, a magical realism, that holds the gaze of the viewer without condescending to mere meaning or beauty. The photographs have been shot during dusk, that time of the day where everything becomes more mystified, a strange shift of what is public and what is private, a shift where everything can easily transform from a dream to a nightmare.
The experience
A multi-sensory experience: visual interventions, sound, smells. The audience will step into an extension of the world depicted in the images displayed and experience an uncanny temporality that aims to bring up to the surface collective memory, existential questions, personal worries, childhood traumas and fears.
The exhibition will take place from the 14th until the 23rd of October and it is part of Larnaca Biennale 2021 Parallel Events.
The exhibition is suitable for people aged 15 and above.
Information and tickets at www.onceinabluemoon.eu
The Team
Producer/ Co-Creator/ Director/ Production Designer : Stavri Papa
Photographer/ Co-Creator: Leandros Savvides
Assistant Director: Avgerinos Santamas
Photo Compositing & Retouching: George Vasiliou (Werx Studio)
Lighting Technician & Designer: Vasilis Theofanous
Music/ Sound Design: Andreas Hadjipandelis
Costume Designer: Sophia Mavromichali
Makeup Artist: Andrea Yiasemi
Production Manager: Maria Papadopoulou
Production Design Assistants: Leda Solomonidou , Nadejda Nikolaeva, Yiolanda Hatzidemetriou
Backstage Photography: Harry Ayiotis
Backstage Videography: Andreas Kyriacou
Video Teaser: Mark Kassinos

Name:  Loulou’s House
Postal address: 21 Chrystodoulou Iakovidi , 6045, Larnaca
Phone number: +357 99634655
Website: www.onceinabluemoon.eu
Social media: @itsonceinabluemoon

Start date/End date: 14-23 October 2021
Start time/End time: 19:00 - 19:45, 20:00-20:45, 21:00 - 21:45

Entrance Price/Τicket: €15


From Thursday, October 14, 2021 -  19:00
To Saturday, October 23, 2021 - 21:45

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