The quality label for promoting the Cypriot gastronomy
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The Quality Label of the Cypriot Gastronomy is the joint effort between the Cyprus Tourism Organisation and the private sector for the promotion of the ‘’Cypriot Gastronomy’’ as an integral element of the cultural heritage of Cyprus.

It aims to establish a recognizable image for the Cyprus cuisine, create a new food culture, and upgrade the quality of service provided by catering establishments. It will also act as a means of:

-  Promotion of the nutritional heritage of Cyprus
-  Connection of the agro-food sector with tourism and with the cultural heritage as well
-  Promotion of local quality products
-  Development of the rich oeno-gastronomic tradition of Cyprus
-  Transformation of Cyprus into a destination for gastronomic experiences

The Quality Label aspires to be the link between the productive sectors of the Cypriot economy and at the same time the vehicle for the development of unique gastronomic experiences in the island.

The project is eligible for co-funding by the European Regional Development Fund.


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