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Découvrez une ile riche en histoire et en culture, et pleine d’expériences merveilleuses qui ne demandent qu’à être vécues. Si vous prévoyez de vous rendre à Chypre, tout ce dont vous avez besoin pour préparer un séjour parfait se trouve ici sur le site officiel du Tourisme de Chypre: Informations, idées intéressantes et brochures téléchargeables.


En toute saison Chypre offre de multiples opportunités de découvrir quelque chose de nouveau, intéressant et excitant au travers des activités, évènements, traditions et lieux uniques et typique de l’ile.


En toute saison Chypre offre de multiples opportunités de découvrir quelque chose de nouveau, intéressant et excitant au travers des activités, évènements, traditions et lieux uniques et typique de l’ile.


En toute saison Chypre offre de multiples opportunités de découvrir quelque chose de nouveau, intéressant et excitant au travers des activités, évènements, traditions et lieux uniques et typique de l’ile.


En toute saison Chypre offre de multiples opportunités de découvrir quelque chose de nouveau, intéressant et excitant au travers des activités, évènements, traditions et lieux uniques et typique de l’ile.


En toute saison Chypre offre de multiples opportunités de découvrir quelque chose de nouveau, intéressant et excitant au travers des activités, évènements, traditions et lieux uniques et typique de l’ile.


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Fasouri Watermania

Fasouri Watermania is presently the biggest Waterpark in Cyprus both in size and number of attractions and facilities, with 30 different slides for all ages, two restaurants and three snack bars.  Dressed in a Polynesian theme, the Waterpark gives a tropical feeling to the visitor experience. The Waterpark Fasouri Watermania is an ideal place for families, friends and children to spend a one-day outing and enjoy being entertained in a safe, fun and relaxing environment. In 2007 Fasouri Watermania Waterpark has been awarded as Europe’s Leading Waterpark Attraction for the World Travel Awards. Find out more at www.fasouri-watermania.com and www.facebook.com/FasouriWaterpark.

Paphos Aphrodite Waterpark

Paphos Aphrodite Waterpark is situated in Kato Paphos on the coastal road, and is easily accessible by car or the local bus. The park has a large number of high-speed water slides and a variety of other activities, a playground, dining areas and beverage areas. Paphos Aphrodite Waterpark offers activites for the whole family within a green and beautiful environment, has disabled facilities, free Wi-Fi, music and much more. In 2022 it received the "Best of the Best 2022" award from TripAdvisor. Find out more at www.aphroditewaterpark.com and https://www.facebook.com/paphosaphrodite


WaterWorld Themed WaterPark

WaterWorld Themed WaterPark in Ayia Napa is Europe’s largest themed waterpark with an outstanding number of awards, rides and attractions. The record breaking slides, high thrill rides and mesmerising experiences for all the family all steeped in the history of Ancient Greece. The award winning WaterWorld has everything you need for an unforgettable day, plus our premium options offer exclusive VIP experience, while the weekly Wave Pool Party events deliver the sounds of the summer at the island’s most popular party destination. Find out more at www.buywaterparktickets.com and www.waterworldwaterpark.com


Camel Park

If you are looking to escape the expected and be closer to nature, the Camel Park is your destination point. The park is a big day out for all the family with lots to see and do! Loose yourself in the sights and meet a wide variety of animals such as camels, donkeys, ponies, deer, goats, ostriches, lemurs, alpacas, lamas and many others. A fun way of coming face-to-face with the camels is to feed them carobs, which they will take directly from your hand! The park features various attractions such as rides and games for kids. Do not forget to visit the small museum which will take you back to a traditional Cypriot way of life. Find out more at https://camel-park.com.



Kalopanagiotis is a beautiful village located in the Troodos mountain range in the valley of Marathasa, which administratively belongs to Nicosia District.  It is one of the most beautiful mountain resorts in Cyprus, which features thermal springs, stone-built traditional houses, a lovely old neighbourhood with cobbled streets and uninterrupted panoramic view of Marathasa Valley.  It is ideal for agrοtourism as it is nestled in a peacefully green landscape.
The Monastery of Agios Ioannis Lampadistis, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, is a real jewel of great historical importance, since it houses three Byzantine churches under one roof, which have extremely well-preserved frescoes dating from the 9th to the 15th century.
The charm of Kalopanagiotis spreads all around it as it is surrounded by chapels, small museums and nature trails.  The warm hospitality of its inhabitants welcomes every visitor with cordiality and a smile. Find out more at https://kalopanayiotis.com.cy/



The village of Steni is located in the northwestern part of Cyprus, five kilometres from the clear blue sea of the Gulf of Chrysochous. Its mild climate makes it ideal for year-round getaways, as there are several agrotourism accommodations in the village.  
The fertile soil of the area produces an abundance of fruits and vegetables, while beautiful, colourful flowers and plants bloom all year round. The inhabitants of Steni were and still are engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry, which is honoured as a tradition in the village at the Museum of Rural Life.
The view from the eastern hill of the village towards Polis Chrysochous Bay and Pafos Forest is truly magnificent. In the wider area of the village, and specifically near the monastery of Chrysolakourna, there is an archaeological site which suggests that the area was inhabited since ancient times, as several tombs dating to the Hellenistic period have been found.  Find out more at http://steni.org.cy/



Vouni is a picturesque village ofthe Lemesos district, with cobbled streets, traditional houses with wooden doors and courtyards. Its rich architectural heritage, its abundant natural beauty and its long-standing wine tradition, attracts locals and foreigners alike to this special village. Its highest peaks reach 1153 metres at Moutti of Afami, while the riverbeds of the Hapotami and KryosPotamos rivers encirclethe village.
A wine-growing village par excellence, it is classified in the category of vineyards whose vineyards cover more than 40% of the total area of the village. The very large number of small and large wine presses scattered in the courtyards of the houses is a representative example of the large quantity of wine produced in the village. The oenologicalcentre, the Venetian and Ottoman water storageand the local museums contribute to the beauty of the surrounding area and showcase the village’slong history. Find out more at https://www.vouni.org



The picturesque and beautiful village of Arsoς is one of the largest wine villages in Cyprus. It is surrounded by many wineries, making it an ideal destination for wine tours. It is located on a stunning slope between Lemesos and Pafos,theMount of Laona at an altitude of 1,092 meters, with unobstructed views of the Diarizos River valley and even the sea of Pafos.  Its wonderful cool and dry climate attracts visitors throughout the year to its beautiful narrow streets.  The traditional stone-built houses with their tiled roofs reveal the village's architecture.
The hospitality of the village's residents, the cleanliness of the houses and streets, the picturesque courtyards and colourful flowers, the local museums, the historic churches, and the abundant natural beauty surrounding it all complement and complete the authentic character of the village. Find out more at http://www.arsos.org/.


Kritou Terra

In an idyllic, verdant landscape, embraced by tall mountain peaks, stands Kritou Terra.  To the north, it overlooks Chrysochou Bay, while to the east, it neighbors Ano and Kato Akourdalia. To the south, it is surrounded by the villages of Kathikas, Arodes, and Drouseia, and to the north, by the villages of Terra, Choli, and Skouli.  The mild climate of the area, cool in the summer months and gentle in the winter, along with the simplicity and hospitable nature of its inhabitants, are just a few of the charismas of this wonderful village.
The pristine natural beauty surrounding the village creates many opportunities for exploration along nature trails, with hidden waterfalls, small lakes, enchanting green corners, as well as the long-standing historical monuments that adorn the community.  They are of incomparable significance and beauty. Find out more at https://www.kritouterra.org/.


Lania is a wonderful, colourful, and highly artistic and creative village nestled in the hills of the Troodos Mountains in Lemesos.  Its narrow, cobblestone streets and beautiful traditional houses, with their stone facades, proudly stand adorned with flowers, bougainvilleas, and jasmine.  The village's long-standing historical significance and its winemaking tradition are evident in the restored linen, the countless wine jars that embellish the courtyards and streets, the church, and the small, beautiful museums.
Many foreigners and locals now make up the village's population.  Some fell in love with the region's history, others with the beauty of the landscape, where streams of the Kouri River flow and the village enjoys a rejuvenating climate.  Above all, the people are warm-hearted, simple, hospitable, and cheerful.  Artists, craftsmen, restaurateurs, and retirees are eager to guide you around their village and share their stories. Find out more at https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009150142544.

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