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Main 17 - Pafos (Paphos) - Agios Georgios, Pegeia - Lara - Baths of Aphrodite Cycling Route
Main 17 - Pafos (Paphos) - Agios Georgios, Pegeia - Lara - Baths of Aphrodite Cycling Route
The route explores the west coast of the island. Starting at the Pafos Archaeological Park and passing through the ‘Tombs of the Kings’, two of the most important archaeological sites on the island, you arrive after about 15 km, at the entrance of the Akamas peninsula. On the way there, you can make a small detour towards the Pegeia Sea Caves, a coastal area of stunning natural beauty. When you reach Akamas, not too far from its entrance you can find a path leading through the wonderful Avakas Gorge. It is worthwhile leaving your bike there for a while (you will need to have a lock with you) and walk the path. The Gorge’s impressive geological features and natural beauty definitely deserve a visit!

Continuing your ride on the route, you will pass by Lara beach, nesting ground of the caretta caretta turtles. The turtles dig nests in the soft golden sand where they lay their eggs, and if you are lucky, you might be able to catch a view of the new born turtles.

The route continues along the coast for several kilometres before climbing up into the peninsula. Arriving at the highest point of the route, you can enjoy the magnificent view of the blue Mediterranean Sea stretching on both sides of Akamas peninsula. Descending, you will reach the ‘Fontana Amosora’ area where you can enjoy a swim in the crystal, clear waters of the ‘Blue Lagoon’, one of the most beautiful beaches on the island.

A few kilometres further, you will reach the end of the route a fresh water spring called Loutra tis Afroditis (Baths of Aphrodite), where, according to legend, the Goddess of Love and Beauty used to take her baths.

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