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“Amathus-Old Limassol” by the painter Andreas Efesopoulos
Exposition d'art
Andreas Efesopoulos was born in Limassol on March 6, 1944. He received his secondary school education at the Laniteion Gymnasium. He studied Painting at Saint Martin’s School of Art, London (1962-1966) having been awarded the “National Diploma in Design” (N.D.D). On a scholarship, he studied at the Hornsey College of Art, Department of Teachers’ Training (1966-1967) having been awarded the “Art Teacher’s Certificate” (A.T.C.). He worked as an art teacher at Harrow County Boys’ Grammar School, London (1967-1968). Upon his return to Cyprus he was appointed as a secondary education art teacher. He was promoted to an Assistant Headmaster in 1989 and to a Headmaster in 1998, having retired in 2004. He has been living in Limassol ever since, creating artworks, paintings and sculptures.

He has had five solo exhibitions and has participated in a great number of collective shows in Cyprus and abroad. His works are hosted in Cypriot and foreign art galleries and private collections. He created the stage design and had the overall artistic supervision of two productions by the Limassol Theatre Association (ETHAL), namely Hans Christian Andersen’s “The King’s New Clothes” and Andreas Koukidis’ “The Last Moon”.  

He had been involved with the art teachers’ trade union affairs, having served as the President of the Art Teachers’ Association, Vice-President of the CY.C.E.A. (“Cyprus Association for Education through the Arts”), President of the Cyprus Chamber of Fine Art, and had also been a member of the general representatives of the Cyprus Association of Greek Secondary Education Teachers.

The present thematic group of works, which is presented to the public for the first time, comprises 27 paintings, created by the artist from 1994 to 2020. When their exhibition will have terminated, the works will become part of the collection of the Limassol Municipal Art Gallery, due to Andreas Efesopoulos’ wish, which is the preservation of these paintings as a monumental unity, bequeathed to the people and the city through a permanent exhibition.

As quoted by the artist himself in the publication which accompanies the exhibition:
“In my paintings you will not view my dreams and free associations but a crystal clear representation of the source of information and inspiration itself. I try, if ever possible, to paint the swirling wind, the illuminating light, the trembling earth, the ceaseless tear and wear, created by all of these elements. The erosion on the stones often leaves the most unexpected and intricate traces on their form and surface. Furthermore, the accidental assemblage produced by all sorts of displacements is enchanting. The wild vegetation together with the powerful and dramatic encounter of all the elements with the sky, the clouds and the stormy sea make up infinite theatre plays. I did my best to depict all these in a lively manner, so as to trigger and induce each viewer to compose his own associations and myths.”
The artist’s wish and intention is to offer both the public of Limassol and Cyprus, as well as the foreign visitors to our country, a dynamic and sensitive visit to the historical and archaeological wealth of Amathus, in a realistic and romantic approach, inciting a feeling of appreciation and pride for our cultural heritage.

Municipal Arts Centre-Apothikes Papadakis

Telephone No.: +357 25 367700

Start date/End date: 14 May 2021 - 26 June 2021

Start time/End time: Tuesday-Friday 10.00-18.00, Saturday 10.00-14.00
Entrance: FREE
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Début Vendredi, Mai 14, 2021 -  10:00
Fin Samedi, Juin 26, 2021 - 18:00

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