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Weddings on an Authentic ‘Island of Love’
Weddings on an Authentic ‘Island of Love’

There are few moments in life as sacred as the moment the bond of eternal partnership is forged, and the union of love is confirmed. For many, this day is one of dreams coming true, envisaged in a location that embodies romance; where sunshine marries sea and the scenery evokes emotions as powerful as the vows you make. This vision is Cyprus, or ‘the island of love’ as it is so perfectly referred to.

Whether you are escaping for an intimate ceremony, or planning a lavish affair with family and friends, Aphrodite’s island caters for weddings of all styles. After all, it is the birthplace of the Goddess of Love and Beauty, as well as the land of kings and queens, and therefore love has been at its very essence for many centuries.

From nuptials on seaside piers and onboard yachts, to five-star spa resorts and wineries… civil ceremonies or religious blessings… quaint village tavernas or lavish banquet halls… Medieval backdrops or modern settings, Cyprus offers a wealth of venues and options for all tastes, all budgets and all love stories. Guidance and expert advice is also reassuringly on-hand from experienced wedding planners. Specialising in beautiful bespoke weddings, they can ensure that every finishing touch is perfect.

And where better to marry than a destination that takes you from wedding straight to honeymoon? From the Mediterranean sun that basks almost all-year-round, to the mesmerizing night, where alfresco dining and drinking takes place under the gaze of the stars, your wedding experience - and that of your guests - will be a magical moment that is as enduring as your love.

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