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Da Costa
Da Costa

This lovely, tranquil dive is situated in a protected area and is perfect for introductory dives, easing beginners in with a walk-in entry; a mostly flat and sandy surface; a lack of waves, and small, unassuming marine creatures.

Turtles are frequently sighted - at just 2-4 metres into the dive. Diving a little deeper, the series of submerged statues – including a mermaid, a lion and a dwarf – are also handy tools for beginners to practise their buoyancy.

The sandy bottom of Posidonia seagrass offers the perfect environment for cuttlefish to lay their eggs whilst the parents swim protectively around their future offspring. Barracuda and seahorses can also be spotted.

Location: Protaras, Ammochostos
GPS Coordinates:35° 0'24.58"N 34° 3'44.63"E
Type of Site:Shore Dive
Depth:11 metres
Visibility:15+ metres
Access:Shore (walk-in)
Qualification Required: Open Water
Dive Category:Recreational Diving

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