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Airport Reef
Airport Reef

Located at a beautiful bay next to Pafos International Airport, this dive site is a series of high reefs that stretch out for 200 metres, forming the illusion of being in a labyrinth and revealing underwater treasures with each turn.

The mesmerising site unfolds across swim throughs, chimneys and gullies and is ideal for beginners as it offers easy access from the shore and has a mostly flat, sandy surface.

Among its inhabitants are octopi, squid, and shrimp, whilst crab and turtles have also been spotted.

Location: Pafos
GPS Coordinates: 34°42'37.6"N 32°29'15.1"E
Type of dive site: Rocky and Sandy Bottom
Depth: 16 metres
Visibility: 20+ metres
Access: Shore
Qualification Required:Open Water
Dive Category:Recreational Diving