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MUSAN (Museum of Underwater Sculpture Ayia Napa)
MUSAN (Museum of Underwater Sculpture Ayia Napa)
The world-first, underwater sculpture museum MUSAN intertwines nature and art to offer a unique diving experience at the Agia Napa Marine Protected Area (MPA). Its aim to rewild the seabed works alongside the artificial reef created with the sinking of the Kyrenia wreck in 2015.

Divers can glide through the intricate forms of trees, people and other figurative nature symbols that comprise the living museum, created by award-winning sculptor, environmentalist and professional underwater photographer, Jason deCaires Taylor.

Over 90 submerged artworks made from inert, pH neutral materials have been exhibited at varying depths; thoughtfully designed for both diving and snorkelling.

The continually evolving installations develop organically to entice and encourage marine communities, symbiotically enriching biodiversity and creating an underwater museum like no other.

Discover the museum via the introductory video: https://www.visitfamagusta.com.cy/en/discover/museums.html