Вы здесь:Домашняя»Откройте для себя Кипр»Природа»Велоспорт»Troodos 2 - Troodos - Psilo Dentro - Caledonia falls - Troodos Cycling Route
Troodos 2 - Troodos - Psilo Dentro - Caledonia falls - Troodos Cycling Route
Troodos 2 - Troodos - Psilo Dentro - Caledonia falls - Troodos Cycling Route
Starting your ride at the Troodos Square, you will immediately find yourself on quiet dirt roads offering great views of Limassol's wine villages and the Commandaria wine area. Not too far from the start of the route (at 3km), we recommend you to take a little detour to ride up to the viewpoint of the Persephone walking nature trail, ‘Makria Kontarka’, which offers stunning views of the spread of vineyards and wine villages as far as the Lemesos port to the South.

When you return and continue on the route, you will see on your left a scar on the mountain slope left by the long since closed asbestos mine at Pano Amiantos. The Troodos Geopark Visitor Centre is located at the old Asbestos mine, an area with enormous historical value which now hosts an extraordinary botanical garden with information about the flora of the area, a seed bank of endemic species and also a plethora of evidence for the past mining activity and the community which once flourished there. The Geopark Visitor Centre is situated in the newly restored elementary school of the abandoned asbestos mine. Extensive reforestation works are ongoing in an effort to reverse the nature damage that the mine caused. The Centre’s exhibits highlight the extreme geological importance and uniqueness of the Troodos Mountain range and it is worth a visit.

Continuing along the route you will reach its lowest point and then the area Psilodentro. There, you can take a break to regain strength for the long uphill that follows. At Psilodentro there is a hiking trail which leads to the Kalidonia waterfall. There are signs pointing the way to the waterfall if you feel up to it.

The route then continues uphill to the starting point, at Troodos Square.

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