Kalavasos Mountain Biking Moderate
Kalavasos Mountain Biking Moderate

The route starts from the village of Kalavasos and goes uphill passing by the Kalavasos Reservoir. The route is circular, it is mostly on a dirt road and some parts of it require good technical cycling skills.

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Distance: 46.8km
Elevation Gain: 1167m
Highest point: 717m
Lowest point: 72m
Loop: YES
Terrain: Mountain

  Section Distance (km) Total Distance (km)
Kalavasos 0.0 0.0
Lageia 14.7 14.7
Akapnou 6.8 21.5
Klonari 2.4 23.9
Kelaki 3.1 27.0
Sanida 3.4 30.4
Vasa 5.0 35.4
Kalavasos 11.4 46.8