Kakoskali MPA
Kakoskali MPA

With so much to explore at this stunning site, more than one dive is recommended to fully appreciate its underwater wonders, with beginners and more experienced divers each able to tailor a unique experience.

Also known as ‘Kakoskali’, the series of walls and caves form part of a marine protected area. The shallower parts of the dive site closer to the island feature interesting formations such as gullies and caves, including a cave filled withgoldenmoluccan sweeperhiding in the shadows.
The more seasoned diver can enjoy technical and deep diving, exploring the small and large caves at a depth of 40-50 metres where the impressive mountain wall is dense with brightly coloured corals and algae and there are impressive 16th century stone anchors. Luckier divers may also spot intact amphorae on the sandy bottoms, alongside the fragments found more easily.

The flourishing and diverse marine life includes schools of amberjack, crayfish, grouper, moray eels, starfish, stingrays and wrasse, among other species.

Location:Pegia, Pafos
GPS Coordinates:35° 4'29.16"N 32°20'0.79"E
Type of Site:Island Drop-offs and Caves
Depth:55 metres
Visibility:30+ metres
Access:By boat
Qualification Required:Open Water / Boat Diver
Dive Category:Technical and Recreational Diving

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