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Every year, we warmly welcome more than two million visitors from around the world to Cyprus, excitedly sharing our unique culture, hospitality and inspiring landscapes. We encourage you to explore our wonderful island and all its riches. To savour our food, to explore our natural wonders, to sample our cosmopolitan resorts, and to explore our charming communities across the island.

Tourism supports tens of thousands of jobs in Cyprus, and is vital to our economy. As you can imagine though, a great deal of water and energy is needed to keep things going, and holidays produce considerable waste too. We hope that you’ll join us then, in supporting efforts to make sure tourism delivers memorable experiences that are ‘responsible’ at the same time.

We’re proud of the fact that so many of the places you choose to stay, whether large hotels by the sea or small cottages in the mountains, are committed to providing experiences that go lighter on the environment, while supporting the local communities across the island. Look out for our celebrated Cyprus Breakfast at many hotels, and take time to track down the producers from across the island. Or get off the beaten path and explore our inspiring biking, hiking and wine trails.

We want to ensure your holidays are memorable and that you return to our shores (or our mountains!) year after year. And we hope that we may just inspire you with our dedication to providing holidays that are simply better for everyone.

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