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The formation of Cyprus is directly linked to the creation of the Troodos mountain range. Troodos consists of a unique ophiolite complex, which is a unique geological prototype, that was formed 90 million years ago, 8,000 metres below sea level. The Troodos Geopark is located in the central part of Cyprus and its area is approximately 137,000 hectares (1,147 km2), covering 15% of the total area of Cyprus. It covers altitude from 300 metres to the highest peak, Mount Olympus, which stands at 1,952m above sea level. It includes 110 communities with a total population of approximately 25,000 residents. The region combines enormous geological interest with the unique natural environment of Troodos, the long history of human settlements and the population’s local customs and traditions. In 2015 the Troodos Geopark was officially listed in the UNESCO Global Geopark list.