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«KARAGIOZIS GOES TO A CONCERT» - Cyprus Symphony Orchestra

Family Concerts

Larnaka: Wednesday 2 February 2022, Larnaka Municipal Theatre, 18:30
Pafos: Thursday 3 February 2022, Markideio Municipal Theatre, 18:30
Lefkosia: Friday 4 February 2022, Nicosia Municipal Theatre, 18:30
Lemesos: Saturday 5 February 2022, Rialto Theatre, 17:00
The Cyprus Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of its honourary conductor, Mr. Alkis Baltas, presents an original musico-theatical performance that combines “Karagiozis” shadow theatre with popular classical works. The performance is both entertaining and instructive and will initiate children and grown-ups alike into the world of classical music!
Nionios (Mr. Dionysios), an ardent music lover, tries to convince Karagiozis to attend a classical music concert, organized by Vizier’s daughter. Karagiozis refuses to do so until Veligegas orders that everyone should attend the concert: Karagiozis, Barbayiorgos, Stavrakas, Hadjiavatis and all the other Shadow Theatre characters. During the concert, Karagiozis has many questions: about the instruments, the music, the composer and other things, which Nionios patiently explains in simple words, wishing to initiate him into the world of classical music. Gradually, Karagiozis completely changes his view about this music, which he previously thought to be difficult and rather dull! Now he loves it!
Mr. Alkis Baltas’ note about the creation of the performance:
The idea for creating a musico-theatrical performance for children that would be both recreational and at the same time a fine introduction to classical music, has been in my mind for quite a few years now. In July 2016, I was finally able to materialise this project. So, Karagiozis came to mind. This Greek folklore shadow theatre hero whom I used to watch as a child in performances shown in my neighborhood, continues to spread great enthusiasm and fun to young and old even in our days. So, I wrote the story of this performance, I chose the works that would suit its unfolding and I arranged some of them for a small musical ensemble. 
The work was ready musically. However, the key-artist was missing: a Karagiozis puppeteer. I had the fortune of meeting an excellent professional who carries on the great tradition of Karagiozis shadow theatre, Thodoris Kostidakis. I gave him the text I had written to which he made a few additions of his own, experienced as he is in this folk art form. Both of us got excited at the prospect of presenting this work.  The work was first performed in December 2016 in Lefkosia by a CySO ensemble and was an instant success. We are now taking it all over Cyprus, with two Karagiozi puppeteers this time, brothers Thodoris and Babis Kostidakis.
…Through the funny episodes in the work, the young members of our audience will learn many things about music and, of course, about classical works. I hope that not only our young friends, but also their parents will love this performance!
Idea, storyline, selection and orchestration of musical works: Alkis Baltas
Shadow Theatre: “Karagiozis” Puppeteers of “Anemodoura” Thodoris and Babis Kostidakis (in Greek)
Conductor: Alkis Baltas
Supporters:Larnaka Municipality, Pafos Municipality, Rialto Theatre, Limassol Municipality
Ticket prices: €7 for all
Free Entrance to people with disabilities.
Ticket presales:
Larnaka, Pafos and Lefkosia concerts:Online at www.cyso.org.cy,and at Pallas Theatre Box Office every Wednesday 16:00-19:00.
Lemesos concert:  Online at www.rialto.com.cy, and at theBox Office, Mon-Fri: 10:00-13:00 and 17:00-19:00, Sat: 10:00-13:00.
Larnaka Municipal Theatre (Leonida Kioupi, Larnaka, 24 665794)
Markideio Municipal Theatre (Andrea Geroudi 27, 8010 Pafos,26 222286)
Nicosia Municipal Theatre (Mouseiou avenue 4, 1097 Lefkosia)
Rialto Theatre (Andrea Drousioti 19, Heroes Square, 3040Lemesos, 77777745)
Information: 22 463144, www.cyso.org.cy
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