Odysseas Toumazou Trio - AglanJazz 2019 (Cyprus)
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Odysseas Toumazou Trio - AglanJazz 2019 (Cyprus)

The Festival AglanJazz 2019 aims to showcase the best Cypriot musicians, alongside European and international artists, to promote awareness and appreciation for all forms of jazz. The Festival is committed to present a wide and varied line up. Bands will participate in the festival with authentic and original music.
Each show/concert should have a duration of 40-45 minutes

Aglantzia Old Square,
Aglantzia, Lefkosia, Cyprus


Odysseas Toumazou Trio is a newly formed project dedicated to performing original compositions. Odysseas’s creations are influenced by jazz and classical music, but also from traditional Greek and Cypriot music, producing a unique sound catering to a wide array of audiences of diverse music tastes.

Improvisation is a key element of Odysseas's music, enabling the audience and the environment alike to subtly influence the direction, the sound, and consequently, the journey one embarks on in tandem with Odysseas and his fellow musicians.

Odysseas Toumazou - guitar
George Koulas - drums
Andreas Rodosthenous - electric bass

Dienstag, Juli 02, 2019, 20:30


: Aglantzia

: Musik


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