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Most people think of Cyprus as a quiet and relaxing island of the Mediterranean, bathed in endless sunshine and surrounded by crystal clear waters and golden sandy beaches. And they’re right.

In Cyprus, you’ll hardly find non-sunny days. The winter is quite mild, with minimal rainfall and cloudless skies. As for its culture and ancient heritage, the island boasts one of the oldest civilizations in Europe, with countless archaeological sights, monuments and museums to explore.

Yet, Cyprus offers visitors way more than history, sea and sun. It is a unique adventure-packed getaway where you can experience extraordinary all-year-round holiday activities. You just need to see the island from a new perspective and discover its hidden thrill-evoking gems. The range of activities is only limited by your imagination and thirst for adventure.

Adventure Travel in Cyprus

Cyprus offers an abundance of outdoor pursuits to people who want to step out of their comfort zone and test their physical strength and limits.

Dive into the world-famous Zenobia Wreck, one of the top ten wreck dives in the Mediterranean. Feed your adventurous soul with an enthralling canoe and kayak experience at the scenic Germasogeia dam, surrounded by beautiful mountains and lush nature.

Practice your balance skills and unwind your mind while reveling by the magnificent Dasoudi coastline and the warm weather on a SUP board. Climb to the top of Machairas (Kionia) mountain and enjoy panoramic views of rich and diverse landscapes.

Bike through charming villages and experience the Cypriot “philoxenia” - the heartfelt, hospitable welcome that makes you feel at home. Go hiking across the southern coastline and through the majestic Troodos Mountains’ lush forests to unravel mesmerizing coves, hidden waterfalls and a plethora of cultural treasures.

Indulge in the view of pristine natural beauty and the calm azure sea waters of the blue-flagged Kourion Beach on horseback. Lose yourself in the vibrant, warm turquoise waters of the Blue Lagoon at Akamas Peninsula, Cyprus’ exotic and romantic aquatic paradise.

Stray from the beaten track and try rock climbing at the stunning Cape Greco National Park (Kavo Gkreko) in Ayia Napa, taking in the endless blue of the Mediterranean Sea. In Cyprus, adventure-packed holidays are a given. You just need to choose the length and level of it.

Whether you’re a solo traveller, a group of friends, a family or a couple, you are sure to find vigorous activities to boost your physical and mental health and make you feel exhilarated, excited and challenged - all at once!

A Natural Landscape, Perfect for Fun & Active Holidays

Cyprus abounds with beautiful natural scenery and diverse landscapes suitable for sports and outdoor activities of all kinds. Not many islands in Europe combine rolling mountains, rugged headlands, unspoiled fragrant forests, nature trails, limestone crags, waterfalls and glittering coasts - all in a small, blessed place.

These magical moments are adorned by the presence of the smiling sun, shining bright over our island around 300 days a year! Spring, summer, autumn or winter, Cyprus promises all-year-round outdoor experiences that will remain etched in your memory forever. It’s no wonder why activity enthusiasts across Europe applaud Cyprus’ wealth of adventurous pursuits!

There are more than 30 designated walking trails where nature lovers can discover a treasure trove of varied fauna and flora and loads of fascinating cycling routes crossing Lemesos (Limassol), Larnaca (Larnaka), Lefkosia (Nicosia), Troodos and Paphos (Pafos). It’s a relatively small island, so you can check out all of its natural wonders, even if you only choose a specific activity.

European Outdoor Fanatics Seek Out The Great Adventure in Cyprus

Europeans love embarking upon adventure holidays to have fun, spend time in nature and push their limits. They might go on long activity vacations or weekend trips within Europe to places that offer exciting hiking trails and cycling tours that induce adrenaline.

In particular, the number of German outdoor enthusiasts who visit Cyprus for hiking, climbing and biking during all seasons is increasing rapidly.

It’s not only the mild weather, the unspoiled natural beauty and the variety of outdoor activity options. Cyprus is also easily accessible from Europe’s major airports, and the flights are reasonably priced. Thus, the perfect destination for adventure lovers of all types and ages.

Looking for a fantastic way to get to know Cyprus while also testing your physical limits?

Visit Cyprus for hiking, biking, and rock climbing, and you’ll build up a rich repertoire of stories to share with your friends back home.

Climbing in Cyprus

Cyprus is an island full of hidden climbing treasures that can satiate climbers of all disciplines and skill levels. From beginners to experienced and elite climbers, from fans of traditional climbing to sport, speed, aid and recreational climbing or bouldering, Aphrodite’s birthplace offers experiences beyond imagination.

Even though rock climbing groups have been active on the island since the ’60s, Cyprus is a climbing destination that extreme sports enthusiasts have not explored systematically yet. That gives its wild and beautiful cliffs, boulders and rocks the competitive advantage: No traffic jams or crowds disturbing your ultimate climbing adventure!

There are so many quality and diverse climbing spots with ancient, smooth, hard limestone and sandstone slopers in incredible shapes and colors - all completely unspoiled and yours to explore!

Cyprus also features a unique form of sandstone at Droushia and Ineia villages that you cannot find anywhere else in Europe. Thus, this heavenly place offers the ‘untouched rocks’ that climber-explorers around the globe are desperately looking for!

In particular, Cyprus is growing in popularity as a quiet and picturesque climbing holiday spot for Germans, who are Europe’s top climbing fanatics. They’re falling in love with the endless blue of the Mediterranean sea that lies behind them as they climb up the island’s varied and exciting rocks.

Can you imagine anything better than exploring uniquely sculptured tufas while feeding your soul with sun and sea and basking in panoramic views of wild and stunning peninsulas? That’s exactly what Cyprus offers to rock climbing lovers, from novice to intermediate to pro.

Add the island's long and tumultuous history to the list, the unlimited climbing potentials and direct access from all major European cities, and soon you will realize Cyprus is a climbing destination you have to visit as soon as possible. The island’s mostly dry Mediterranean climate makes climbing possible all year round.

Tips to get ready for Climbing in Cyprus

Cyprus is an idyllic and tranquil paradise for thrill-seekers of all abilities, with every climb rewarding you with incredible vistas.

There are many professional climbing groups, organizations, the official Cyprus Mountaineering Climbing & Orienteering Federation and individual instructors available to introduce you to the secrets of rock climbing and guide you through the island’s sensational climbing routes.

Whether you are a world champion in climbing or an absolute novice, in Cyprus you’ll find what you’re seeking for. From technical climbing walls to fine bouldering spots to easy and pleasant slabs for the whole family to enjoy!

But before you jump on the plane to Cyprus, here is a guide with tips to help you prepare for your climbing expedition.

  1. Study the various climbing routes. Make sure you have studied in depth the mountains and rocks on your bucket list. Route reading will help you develop your climbing strategy and techniques. The rock surface in Cyprus is diverse, featuring rugged rock formations, smooth tufas, extreme overhangs, impressive rock spires, and splitter cracks. So, go for the rock grades you can handle according to your level of climbing ability.
  2. Refresh your first aid skills. Rock climbing can be dangerous even though climbers have a track record in keeping their adventures fun and safe. Thus, study and refresh your first aid skills for the crag. Most of Cyprus’ professional climbing groups offer comprehensive first aid training to teach you how to handle emergencies.
  3. Get the right equipment & gear. For experienced climbers who do not want to bring their equipment from home, Cyprus’ local climbing shops will provide you with all you may need; from climbing shoes to harness, rope, climbing tape, rack, chalk bag and spare chalk. A hydration system or reusable water bottle is also a must. Bring with you waterproof and breathable clothes that will make your climbing as comfortable as possible.
  4. Save Cyprus’ emergency phone numbers. Memorize Cyprus’ emergency phone numbers or save on your cell phone the numbers of the island’s climbing groups and federations.
  5. Check the island’s certified climbing groups. If you are not an experienced climber but you’d love to embark on a climbing trip to Cyprus alone or with your family, check out the island’s qualified climbing groups. There are numerous indoor and outdoor climbing courses and events for climbing beginners and children throughout the year. You won’t find a better place in Europe to combine unforgettable holidays and the art and fun of climbing than in Cyprus.
Who can go climbing in Cyprus?

Cyprus offers a great variety of climbing grades, well-bolted crags, excellent rock quality and breathtaking scenery. From single-pitch to multi-pitch options, you’ll never get enough of Cyprus. If you plan it right, you won’t climb the same boulder twice.

From beginner gym climbers to recreational climbers to hardcore boulderers, Cyprus is the ideal destination for rock climbing and mountaineering adventures.

Besides climbing, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy fresh fish, Mediterranean delicacies and, of course, mesmerizing scenery of lush nature and azure sea waters.

Top Climbing Areas in Cyprus

Cavo Greco National Park , Ayia Napa

That’s a fascinating location ideal for traditional climbing, offering incredible views of the atmospheric coasts of Cape Greco and Ayia Napa. It features more than 180 climbing routes, with six traditional routes and four crags being the most popular ones. A jump into the waters after reaching the top of the cliffs is an experience you cannot put into words.

  • French grade: 5a to 6c
  • Suitable for: Climbing beginners and casual climbers.
  • Height:10m to 35 m
  • Rock type:Coarse limestone
  • Characteristics:Vertical and slab
  • Types of hold: Pocket, crimps and cracks.
  • Kid friendly: No

Gerakopetra (at Droushia/Ineia area) , Paphos

Gerakopetra offers 49 sport climbing routes on quality rock with stunning views of Lara bay and the Akamas peninsula. The access is pretty easy from both Paphos and Polis.

  • French grade: 4 to 8a+
  • Suitable for: Sport climbers, traditional climbers and bouldering fans, from beginners to experienced.
  • Height: 40 m
  • Rock type: Crystalised sandstone
  • Kid friendly: No

Around Gerakopetra, there are about 50 more routes, all within walking distance. In general, the Droushia/Ineia area in Paphos district is home to some of the best climbing routes on the island, perfect for sport and traditional climbing, such as Alikou, Koneftis and Kokkinovraxos.

The Droushia climbing sector alone features 12 exciting routes with the following characteristics:

  • French grade: 5 to 7c+
  • Suitable for: Experienced sport climbers that enjoy challenging routes.
  • Height: 18 to 35 m
  • Rock type: Crystalised sandstone
  • Kid friendly: Yes

Alikou is mainly a multi-pitch climbing sector with routes from 2 to 4 pitches.

  • French grade: 4 to 6a
  • Suitable for: Sport climbers, from beginners to experienced. Good for practising multi pitch skills and rappel techniques.
  • Kid friendly: Yes

Koneftis sector offers 25 must-try routes.

  • French grade: 4 to 7c+
  • Suitable for: Sport climbers, traditional climbers and bouldering fans, from beginners to experienced.
  • Height: 20 to 25 m
  • Rock type: crystalised sandstone
  • Kid friendly: Yes

Dhiarizos - Kourtelorotsos , Limassol - Paphos

Here, you’ll find a compact crag with around 65 well-bolted sports routes and one boulder route near Dhiarizos river. The unique characteristic of Dhiarizos is that it’s split into several sectors so that it’s possible for climbers to always climb in the shade.

  • French grade: 3 to 7c+
  • Suitable for: Sport climbers and rock climbing enthusiasts of all ability levels
  • Height: 28 m
  • Rock type: Hard limestone
  • Characteristics: Bolted with good anchors

Xeros Valley (Panagia tou Sindi) , Paphos

Close to Paphos, the rocks overlooking Xeros river valley offer a pleasant climbing experience. The area features 12 quality sport routes and some trad routes, ideal for experienced climbers who can combine a variety of climbing techniques.

  • French grade: 5b to 6c
  • Suitable for: Experienced in orienteering climbers
  • Height: 20 to 25 m
  • Rock type: Hard limestone
  • Kid friendly: Yes

We look forward to welcoming you to Cyprus!

From hiking to cycling and canoeing to horseback-riding, spelunking or climbing, Cyprus will inspire you to uncover the most adventurous side of you with an endless choice of epic, all-year-round land, air and water outdoor activities.

Get the chance to discover the alternative, non-touristy side of our beautiful island that combines history, culture, a lovely Mediterranean climate and a beautiful, diverse landscape suitable for all kinds of sports and adventures.

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