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A True Sense of Wellbeing
A True Sense of Wellbeing

Aphrodite's island has held the key to beauty and health for centuries, with the Goddess herself symbolising eternal youth and wellbeing. Today, Cyprus continues to induce and inspire an atmosphere of healthy living and a sense of total wellness through a combination of factors, from its Mediterranean charm and climate, to the extensive selection of premium spas and wellness centres.

Select your experience from being pampered in the luxury of world-class spas and spa resorts, to the grounding tranquillity of nature’s lush surroundings of greenery, blue seas and golden coasts. Whether you prefer the comfort of refinery or to immerse yourself in the island’s landscape, your total relaxation and rejuvenation is guaranteed.

With its alluring combination of year round sunshine, picture-perfect surroundings, and an environment conducive to healthy eating and leisure pursuits, the island has all the elements in place to invoke a true sense of harmony. This is further enhanced by impeccable accommodation, attentive and experienced staff, and a myriad of facilities designed for surrendering to.

Indoor and outdoor pools, freshwater and saltwater pools, whirlpools, saunas, steam rooms, hamams, fully equipped gyms, fitness studios, treatment rooms and beauty salons are just the start… there you will find an immense range of treatments and packages on offer for your revitalisation, including detoxifying algae and mud body wraps, aromatherapy, thalassotherapy, hot stone therapy, massages, shiatsu, reflexology, natural therapies and beauty treatments, along with so many other delectable treatments.

The linking services continue with counselling and fitness assessments to fit your own specific requirements, and personalised sessions to make you feel special, whilst the island is also home to its own holistic health secrets with an array of locally grown herbs and plants that are all put to good use.

So, for blissful relaxation, the chance to unwind and de-stress, or the opportunity to start or enhance your beauty or fitness regime, Cyprus has not only maintained Aphrodite’s secrets… but has built upon them in the most indulgently exquisite of ways.


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