The allure of teeing off amidst stunning natural surroundings, along with the opportunity to enjoy golf all-year-round in a favourable Mediterranean climate are just two of the factors that are seeing Cyprus emerge as a leading golfing destination - and attracting both amateur and professional sportsmen to the island and its internationally-acclaimed courses. Located in some of the most picturesque areas of Cyprus, the select handful of courses have been applauded for the way they are integrated into the breathtaking natural landscape of dramatic ravines, cliffs and sea vistas – backdrops that have been carefully used to enhance the game on each course. The heritage of the courses is also pedigree, with some of the world’s most renowned golf course architects leaving their signature on the challenging courses they have designed on the island, from luxury golfing resorts to stand-alone greens. Along with the opportunity to enjoy a game of golf in scenic tranquillity, the various courses also host annual tournaments on both a national and international level, as well as offering academies, clubhouses and other facilities.

With Cyprus offering a golfing destination full of potential and possibilities, there is no better place to ‘take a swing’.

For further information on playing the sport on the island, licensed members and associates, and the tournament calendar, visit the website of the Cyprus Golf Federation: www.cgf.org.cy.

For the From Tee to Green e-brochure click here

Golf Tourism (pdf)

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