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Port of Call and Home Port
Port of Call and Home Port

The beautiful island of Cyprus offers an all-year-round, comfortable, safe destination, and is unique for being a port of call and a home port. There are four ports on the island; in Lemesos (Limassol), Larnaka (Larnaca), and two in the Pafos (Paphos) region.

Lemesos Port
Location: 34º 39' .00'' N 033º 01' .02'' E
Lemesos port is a weather-protected port in the middle of the coastline and close to all major tourist attractions, making it ideal for passengers on short visits. It is located on the south coast of the island, and is sheltered by breakwaters.

The port’s approach channel and turning cycle have been dredged to -17m, and the western port’s sea area to -16m. Large cruise ships visiting the port enjoy a well-in-advance schedule and top priority for berthing.

A new modern Passenger Terminal that is fully compatible with the Schengen criteria will soon become operational at Lemesos Port. Totalling an area of 6.800m2, the Passenger Terminal includes one departure hall, two arrival halls, a separate area for luggage handling and receipt, a glamorous restaurant on the first floor, and a large car park, as well as offices for providing visitors with all the required services to the highest of standards.

Larnaka Port
Location: 34º 55' .6'' N 033º 38' .9'' E
Larnaka Port is the second largest port of the island, and is situated in the southeastern part of Cyprus - sheltered by breakwaters. In its present form, Larnaka port is situated approximately 2 km from the town centre, and is surrounded by residential units on the landside. On its south side it borders with Larnaka marina. The port is located 6 km away from Larnaka International Airport.

Pafos Port *
Location: 34° 45' .22'' N 032° 24' .60" E
Pafos Port is one of the most ancient ports of Cyprus with the wider archaeological site penetrating the port area. Pafos lighthouse is situated within this archaeological site, and at a relatively short distance. During a stroll along the breakwater of the port - and after the historic castle - visitors can ‘feel’ the remnants of the ancient breakwater and admire the exquisite Roman mosaics.

As part of enhancements to the port’s character, and to better serve cruise traffic, a new mooring facility is being installed at the port.

Latchi Port *
Location: 35° 2' .44'' N 032° 24' .60'' E
Latchi Port is located at the northern part of Pafos, in the region of Polis Chrysochous. It is a picturesque port and ideal for visiting the Akamas Peninsula, the baths of Aphrodite and many more attractions of the area. It is a perfect stopping-point for other calls and visits in the area, and encompasses remarkable sites with a history dating back 3.000 years.

* Cruise ships visiting Pafos and Latchi ports stay at the anchorage at a distance not more than a mile. Tender boats are used for the transfer of passengers.

Key Facts for Choosing Cypriot Ports:
- Port infrastructure suitable to serve any type of ship
- Excellent port services
- Operations 24hrs throughout the year*
- All-year-round favourable weather conditions
- Berthing priority
- Top security levels
- ISPS certification
- Low charges, economic and other incentive schemes
- Welcoming receptions
- Onsite amenities
- City centre connections
- All types of ship provisions
- Proximity to international airports

Tourism Facts:
- Local Population: 865,900
- Time Zone: EETC (UTC+2) / Summer (DST): EEST (UTC+3)
- Currency: Euro
- Banking Hours: 8:30 – 14:30
- Credit Cards: All
- Calling Code: + 357
- Distances: Short Distances from Pafos and Larnaka Airports, as well as city centres

* Except on January 1st, Easter Day and Christmas

Approximate Distance of Major Cruise Destinations from Cyprus (in nautical miles):
- Piraeus: 525
- Thessaloniki: 653
- Heraclion: 403
- Rhodes: 271
- Rethymnon: 438
- Kousantasi: 404
- Antalya: 202
- Tartous: 140
- Port Said: 208
- Lebanon: 139
- Damietta: 210

Distances Between Cyprus Ports (in nautical miles):
- Lemesos-Pafos: 42
- Lemesos-Latsi: 75
- Lemesos-Larnaka: 38
- Pafos-Latsi: 33
- Pafos-Larnaka: 75
- Larnaka-Latsi: 108

For more information and facts on all the ports, click here.

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