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Jubilee Shoals
Jubilee Shoals

This majestic site is the largest natural reef on the island, stretching out for 2km along the Pissouri coastline of Lemesos. As such, two dives are advised to fully appreciate all this amazing reef has to offer.

As one of the most stunning dives of Cyprus, the experience is characterised by a mountain wall, immense rocks that resemble stalagmites, and multiple caves at various depths, including a large cave with three entrances that is encountered after a dramatic, plunging cliff face.
The site is also considered to be the top site for cave and wall diving; excellent for technical diving, and one that will challenge and delight the more experienced diver.

The flourishing and diverse marine life at the reef includes schools of amberjack, coloured wrasse, crayfish, damselfish, grouper, moray eels, lobsters, and more. Particularly impressive are the bright nudibranch, flamboyant flambelinas and turtles. The larger marine species are found at the feeding ground created by the upwelling along an immense rock wall known as Jubilee Arches.

Location:Pissouri, Lemesos
GPS Coordinates: 34° 37'46.44"N 32° 46'12.78"E
Type of Dive Site: Rocky, Drop-off, Wall, Cave
Depth: 65 metres
Visibility: 20+ metres
Access: By boat
Qualification Required: Advanced
Dive Category:Technical & Recreational

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