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Regatta of Champions – The R.O.C.
The top 35 optimist sailors from around the world will be invited to The R.O.C. Using a formula of difficulty, invitations will be sent out to the top sailors of the IODA World Championship, as well as all the IODA Continental Championships (European, N & S. American, Asian & Oceanian and African). At least 20% of the invitations will go out to Girls. All invitations will be sent out through the National Federations and it will be addressed to specific sailors. If invited sailors cannot make it to the event then the invitation will go to the next sailor in the rankings. In addition, there will be 5 Wild Cards available for sailors to pursuit throughout the 2022 year. One Wild Card will always go to the National Champion of the country hosting the event. The remaining 4 will be either split into 2 Sailing Camps with the top 2 winners of each camp, taking the cards, or by appointing regattas around the world and passing on the cards to the winners.The participating sailors and coaches will go after the Trophy of the Champions, but mainly a scholarship prize money purse of €40.000 which will be awarded to the top 12 sailors in the form of scholarships for academic expenses and to the top 3 coaches in the form of awards.

Famagusta Nautical Club  
Postal address: *:  P.O.Box 54390, 3723, Limassol
Phone number: +357 25879767
Fax number: +357 25324057
Website: www.famagustanauticalclub.com
Social media: Facebook/Instagram/YouTube

Start date/End date: 13-20 November 2022

Event Website: www.regattaofchampions.com

From Sunday, November 13, 2022
To Sunday, November 20, 2022
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