Every wedding is as unique as the two hearts it will unite, and Cyprus offers a range of different and beautifully bespoke options that reflect your devotion, including civil ceremonies/partnerships, church marriages, religious blessings and vow renewals.

Religious ceremonies and blessings can take place in churches, chapels or other places of worship across the island. Many hotels also have their own private chapels – often overlooking the beach or sea. Couples must first apply for a Marriage License at the Municipal Offices before making the necessary arrangements for a religious ceremony or blessing with a registered Minister of the religion of their choice.

Civil unions can take place directly at the Municipal Offices where the Marriage License is obtained, or in a myriad of other settings by securing permission. Options include the classic backdrop of sand and sea; on public or hotel beaches, piers, harbours and yachts. More unusual or historic options are also available, including traditional buildings; gardens and golf courses; ancient ruins and castles; wineries, galleries and museums – or any other location that is desired with the appropriate arrangements, for which the Municipal Offices or a professional Wedding Coordinator can assist with.

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