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2nd International Coastal Rowing Beach Sprints LNC Competition - 1-2.4.2023
A Beach Sprint Coastal rowing race, is an exciting and dynamic rowing race that takes place in the sea near a beach. Unlike traditional rowing races that take place in calm waters, coastal rowing races add an extra level of excitement by wading through waves, currents and potentially rough weather.
Here is a description of what such a race might entail:

The race is usually run along a scenic coastline, incorporating the natural elements of the open sea. The start and finish points are located on the beach and rowers launch their boats directly from the shore.

** Boats:**
Coastal rowing boats are designed to handle the unpredictable nature of the sea. These boats are sturdier than their calm water counterparts, often featuring wider hulls, reinforced construction and greater stability

**What does Beach Sprints mean?**
The race starts from the beach, 30-50 meters away from where the wave breaks. The rowers (two athletes at a time) start from the beach sprinting, enter the boat and row between buoys for 250 meters, make the final turn (360 degrees), return to the beach and sprint out of the boat to finish before from their teammate who has done exactly the same course on parallel buoys.

Rowers face challenges such as changing winds and potentially choppy waters, making the race both physically demanding and mentally engaging. Adaptability to ever-changing coastal conditions becomes a critical aspect of success.

In other words, a sprint race on the beach combines the athleticism and teamwork of traditional rowing with the unpredictable and exciting elements of coastal waters, creating an exciting and visually captivating sporting event.

Name:  Parekklisia Beach / Malindi Beach
Postal address: St. Raphael Marina, Limassol
Phone number: 25379500
Website: https://allaboutlimassol.com/en/parekklisia-community-beach
Social media: https://www.facebook.com/MalindiBeachBar

Start date/End date: 9-21 April 2024

Start time/End time:    09:00-17:00
Entrance Price/Τicket: Free entrance

For the programme click here
Début Mardi, Avril 09, 2024 -  09:00
Fin Dimanche, Avril 21, 2024 - 17:00
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