Many couples who tie the knot in Cyprus find that the island endures in their affections and becomes a cherished annual anniversary visit or the perfect place to renew vows. Equally so, couples who always longed for their island wedding affair chose to reaffirm their commitment in the sunshine setting of their dreams.

Saying ‘I Still Do’ is an intimate moment that is made ever more poignant when the destination is as idyllic as Cyprus and the day is flawlessly tailored to reflect the continuing love and bond that is shared.

Just like weddings or other romantic celebrations can range in size and style, vow renewal or partnership affirmations can be a small, select and cosy occasion, or the opportunity to bring together the couple’s most beloved family and friends for a lavish reception at one of the grand ballrooms or hotel halls. And when all the frills of top-class entertainment, banqueting and partying are added, it is guaranteed to be an event that will remain etched in the hearts of all.

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