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Traditional Cypriot Night Festival
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During the event there will be stands presenting the preparation of traditional Cypriot dishes.

Stand/Booth 1: “Zivania” (alcohol drink) Distillation.
The visitor will have the opportunity to participate in the whole distillation process. Starting with the filling the boiler up to testing the final product.
Stand 2: Preparation of “palouzes”(grape must dessert)
At the “palouze”) making stand the visitors will be able to prepare their own palouze with the guidance of the volunteer in charge of the stand. At the end of the process, you will be able to taste the final product.
Stand 3: “Soujoukos” Dipping.
In Stand 3 there will be ready-made threads embroidered with walnut and almond nuts "katsounia" and he will be able to dip into the thick palouze must as many times as necessary until it reaches the desired diameter. At the stand there will also be a ready finished product for the visitor to try.
Stand 4: Preparation of “halloumi” and “anari”(Cyprus cheese products).
The visitor will watch the preparation process from the cutting of the halloumi to the collection of the anari. He will have the opportunity to participate in the whole process and try the hot halloumi and the hot anari on the spot.
Stand 5: “Trahanas” preparation.
Stand 5 will present the process of roasting and cutting the trachana. And here the visitor will be able to taste and participate in the process.
Translation: Minos Volanakis2) Περιγραφή (με όση περισσότερη λεπτομέρεια γίνεται)*: 
Stand 6: Preparation of traditional pasteli.
In charge of this stand will be Mrs. Stella Malouppa, a person with a lot of experience in the preparation of the traditional pasteli. The visitor will be able to watch the making of the pastel, taste the final product and buy if they wish.
Stand 7: Preparation of traditional bread in a wood-fired oven.
At the venue of the event there will be the traditional wood oven where it will be fired in the traditional way. In this booth, the visitor will be able to watch the kneading process and the making of the bread. He will then be able to watch and take part in the baking process. There will be ready-made breads for guests to sample and if they wish to purchase.
Stand 8: Basket weaving/weaving and making a tonneau chair.
In charge of this stand will be the craftsman Athinodoros Georgiou who is an experienced basket weaver and will demonstrate basket weaving/weaving and tying a toned chair. Visitor will be able to take part in the process and listen to the narration of the history of basket weaving.
Stand 9: Traditional sausages.
Stand 9 will present the traditional sausages made in our village by the company Kostas Tomazou Ltd. The visitor will have the opportunity to try a variety of sausages and listen to the description of their preparation. There will be packaged deli meats for anyone who wishes to purchase.
Artistic part
  • Cypriot traditional band "Mihalis Hatzimichail". With Andri Karantoni on vocals.
  • Agios Epifanios Dance Group.
  • Dance group "I Vourka".
The dance groups will present traditional Cypriot dances and audience will be welcomed to participate.
A large grape press will be placed on stage. Mr. Athinodoros Georgiou will appear on stage accompanied by a cute donkey loaded with crates full of grapes. Then, dancers and Mr. Athinodoros will present in an artistic way the filling of the winepress with the grapes and the pressing of the grapes and distillation of the must. The public will have the opportunity to stomp the grapes and revive this custom that our grandparents grew up with.
  • Presentation of Cypriot traditional dance of glasses by Mr. Dino Kkanti.
The audience will be invited to place the glasses and dance. The most daring will be able to test their skills in this dance.
The band will continue with traditional Cypriot songs and the audience will be entertained until the end of the evening.
At the event, food will be sold which has been prepared by the association of parents of the Primary school and the public kindergarten of Agios Epifanios. Proceeds will go to parent link funds.

Agios Epiphanios Primary school stadium
Address: Christoforou Constantinou 2, Agios Epifanios, 2610, Nicosia 
Telephone No: +357 22633901
Fax: +357 22633902
Website: www.agiosepifanios.org

Start date/End date:   26 Αυγούστου 2022

Start time/End time: 18:00 - 02:00  
Entrance Price/Τicket:  FREE

For the programme press here 
от Пятница, Август 26, 2022 -  18:00
до Суббота, Август 27, 2022 - 02:00

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