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Anna Achilleos Staeubli "Mesogeios" - 7-29.6.2024
Художественная выставка
Solo Art Exhibition in Encaustic, first presented at the National Archaeological Museum in Athens in August 2023 and NOW 7th of June 2024 at Marginalia Gallery in Nicosia at 19 :30 until 29 June 2024 and. Opening by his Excellency the Swiss Ambassador Mr Chrisoph Buergener. The theme is the mediterranean sea as is best described in the text below in an ancient greek technique, Encaustic with beeswax, damar and pigments on wood with the use of fire.

The Sea as a bodily substance in the works of Anna Achilleos-Staeubli

ἅλς (A), ᾰος[ᾰ], ὁ, dat. plur. ἅλασιν· Lat. SAL, piece of salt, in Herod.; generally,
salt, often in the plur., in Homer. etc.; ἁλὸς μεταλλον, salt mine, in Herod.,
Homer etc.

ἅλς (B), ἁλός [ᾰ], ἡ sea, in Homer
ἅλσις, -εως, ἡ (ἅλλομαι), leap, bounce, in Arist.

Forty paintings created with encaustic technique by the international artist Anna Achilleos-Staeubli especially for the recreation area of the National Archaeological Museum in Athens, attempt to spell out and give meaning both symbolically and literally to the sea in its Homeric substance: ἅλς with a windy alpha of beginning, a fluid lambda of continuity, a serene sigma of saltiness. Sea, as a shell and living palimpsest with magical content. As a triumphant primordial source of life, as an eternal nurturer but also as a live crossing of cultures, a vibrant claimer of borders and a dynamic mean of communication. To understand and sing it as a deep sea and an ocean, as a magical myrrh and a pelagos, as a faraway poros and as an nexhaustible pontos, as chaos and as vibration, as dizziness and peace. They attempt to measure it mentally, taking us on a journey through the Mediterranean of the entire Greek civilization, from the Ionian and the Aegean, the Propontis and the Black Sea, to the Myrtle and the Libyan Sea. To capture it as the primordial raw material that permeates and defines so many of the precious
exhibits of the National Archaeological Museum.

In this original installation by the painter, the sea expressed as a dotted organic body, as a rainbow of innumerable shades of blue and as a mysterious shell of creatures and myths, is presented triumphantly, without the need for narrative means. Created with a fascinating spectrum of different and unexpected colors and tones that go back to ancient Greek painting, it is treated as a first-of-its-kind find and creates a mythical plain of successive psychographic instants and eternal oceanic coordinates. Driven by her imperative need to render the majesty of colors, the rhythm of shape, the desire of touch, the ecstatic moisture, the permanence, the inexhaustible dept and breadth and the primordial secret undulation, Anna Achilleos-Staeubli has
devoted herself for decades to both inherent difficulties of the technique and the exciting possibilities of encaustic art.

Within her yet unexplored seas, we discover the possibility of a new execution carried out with unerring technique and transcendent artistic quality. Thus illuminating the multiple layers of history, the expressionist emotion of the fluid and improvised pigment, the extreme materiality, the imperceptible shading and the expressive gesture of painting in its finest.
Approaching this dominant timeless Greek symbol in a non-narrative and inventive way, Anna Achilleos-Staeubli creates from the beginning an excellent sparse but densely tangible painting semiology that captivates the viewer from its first sparkle to its very depth.

Iris Kritikou
Archaeologist & Art Historian Curator of the exhibition

Has been active painting between Paphos, Bern and Athens since the year 2000. Graduated the Cyprus Tourist Guide‘s school where she studied History of Art, History, Archaeology, Byzantine Art, Fauna, Flora and Geology. Art lessons in Bern, Switzerland, Athens, Greece
and Boston, USA. Inspired by the Sea, Nature, Flowers, Mines and Byzantine art, she produces works in Encaustic, an ancient technique with beeswax and pigments, Acrylics and Oil. Anna has had solo exhibitions and has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Museums, Art Institutions and Foundations as well as Galleries in Switzerland, France, Greece and Cyprus Her works have been acquired by Museums, public and private collections in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, UK, Spain, Malta, Greece and Cyprus.

Contact : Anna Achilleos Staeubli
Webpage: www.anna-as.com
Email: Адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. Для просмотра адреса в вашем браузере должен быть включен Javascript.
Facebook: AnnaAchilleosStaeubli
Instagram : anna_achilleos_staeubli

Marginalia Gallery
Postal address: 15 D.E. Arch. Kyprianou, 2059 Strovolos, Nicosia
Phone number: +357 99657080
Website: www.marginalia.com
Social media: facebook : Marginalia Gallery
Instagram: marginalia_gallery

Start date/End date: 7-29 June 2024

Start time/End time: 19:30-22:00
Tuesday-Friday 10:00-13:00 & 17:30-20:00 and Saturday 10:00-13:00 
Entrance Price/Τicket:  Free

Organiser Website: marginaliagallery.com
от Пятница, Июнь 07, 2024
до Суббота, Июнь 29, 2024
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