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Following the Commandaria route especially created for this unique Label, the visitor will discover the culture and tradition, linked to one of the most ancient named wines produced in the world, here at our small Mediterranean island. Commandaria won first place at the first international wine competition held in 1224 A.D. called “La Bataille des Vins”. Although many references are made in ancient texts about the special sweet wine of Cyprus, it was the Templars Knights that commenced systematic production of Commandaria in the Middle ages, at their main administrative centre “La Grande Commanderie” which gave this special wine the name it has today. The Commandaria production continued since then, wowing the conquerors of the island that followed, enhancing its production and diffusion through the Mediterranean exporting it, to our neighbouring countries. While visiting the 14 Commandaria villages, you will get to see museums, vineyards and workshops that showcase and promote the history and the making of this particularly sweet wine of Cyprus. See how this ancient wine is produced for centuries now and taste it alongside special, local delicacies that enhance its flavour and aroma, discovering yet another sensational Cypriot product, enriching our islands gastronomical wealth.

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