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Cyprus counts 11.000 years of History and Civilisation which are reflected through its Archaeological Sites and Monuments but also through its unique Intangible Cultural Heritage. 
Cyprus has so far inscribed five elements on the UNESCO Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage: the Lefkara laces or Lefkaritika (2009), the Tsiattista poetic duelling (2011), the Mediterranean diet (2013) in collaboration with Greece, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Morocco and Portugal, the art of dry stone walling, knowledge and technique (2018) in collaboration with France, Switzerland, Greece, Spain, Italy, Croatia and Slovenia and the Byzantine Chant (2019). 
The customs, arts, living traditions, knowledge and practices passed on from generation to generation that are considered as the intangible heritage of a country, can provide visitors with the opportunity to be part of a truly authentic experience.
Wrap your hands around clay to make pots, master needle and thread to create Lefkaritika needlework, sit at a voufa (loom) moving rhythmically to weave Fythkiotika fabrics, cook and taste traditional bread and other delicacies and many more. Discover the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Cyprus through the free of charge Handicrafts and gastronomy workshops that are organised by the Deputy Ministry of Tourism.
We are waiting for you to experience a lifetime journey, through traditional tastes, activities and customs, gaining the authentic Cyprus feel.
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