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Medflora Museum Cyprus
Medflora Museum Cyprus
The Medflora Museum Cyprus is a thematic museum for the medicinal flora of Cyprus. The Medflora Museum consists of Persephone’s Walk (MedGarden) and Orpheus Herbarium. 
The MedGarden is the living part of the Medflora Museum. Taking the MedGarden trail, visitors will enjoy the Persephone’s Walk, a 20 minutes meditative walk through the circular path of a jolly garden. Scents and colors of over 80 medicinal herbs, rustling of leaves, splash of water and birdsongs will make it a delightful and inspiring experience.
The Orpheus Herbarium is an exhibition hall displaying dried or resin cast plant specimens, photos and all sorts of interesting information about the collection of medicinal plants.
Visitors may also visit Medea shop. In Medea visitors will find a wide array of herbal remedies (teas, herbs, tinctures, essential oils, soaps) and special handmade gifts and souvenirs from EcoBio Workshop of the Medflora Museum.

Region: Limassol
Address: Evangelou Floraki, Trachoni 4651 Limassol
Contact No: Tel: 70005532
Operating Hours: Friday - Sunday: 10:00 - 17:00
Operating Period: All year round
Closed on Public Holidays
Entrance Fee: Pay-what-you-wish admission is available at ticket counters, where the amount you pay is up to you and is a donation to the non-profit organization Cyprus Institute for Psychotherapy.
€3,00 per person suggested donation
Disabled Access: Entrance ramp in the property.
The garden path is covered with small stones
  Opening and closing times are subject to alterations without notice. Visitors are advised to check before visiting.
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