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Worship of the Holy Cross in Cyprus Religious Route
Worship of the Holy Cross in Cyprus Religious Route

Τhe fact that Cyprus is at the centre of Eastern Mediterranean, very close to the Middle East and Asia Minor, played a significant role as a stop on the way to and from the Holy Land. Tradition has it that Agia Eleni, the Mother of Constantine the Great, when transferring the Holy Cross from Palestine stopped in Cyprus, and followed a course along which churches dedicated to the Holy Cross were built.

Μoni Stavrovouniou - Tochni - Lefkara - Pelendri - Kouka - Omodos - Anogyra - Tsada.

The route starts from Moni Stavrovouniou, which has, however, the rule of ‘avato’ meaning that it is inaccessible to women. The church of Timios Stavros in Tochni is the only church built on a bridge, the church of Pelendri with the same name has magnificent frescoes of the 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th centuries. In Omodos, the visitor will see a piece of the rope used to tie Jesus on the cross.

Monuments: Monastery of Timios Stavros in Stavrovouni, Churches of Timios Stavros in Tochni, Lefkara, Pelendri, Kouka, Monasteries of Timios Stavros in Anogyra and Tsada and Monastery of Timios Stavros Minthis in Tsada.

Τhe total route length is not fixed.

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