Everyone’s dream destination is different. For some, it’s sweeping horizons, endless mountain vistas, or sun-soaked days by azure seas. For others, it’s delicious cuisine, pampering massages, or indulgent therapies. And then there are those for whom the exhilaration of clay pigeon shooting and the thrill of the trigger is the ultimate enjoyment. But if there’s one place that has it all, it’s Cyprus: an island paradise which delivers everything you could ask of your perfect getaway.

An immensely popular sport on the island, shooting attracts both locals and foreigners. Visitors to Cyprus will enjoy competing against world-class athletes: local shooters are globally renowned, thanks to the excellence of the country’s facilities and training, and the frequency with which the island hosts international shooting events.

Cyprus boasts five shooting ranges: 2 Olympic class ranges in the Lefkosia (Nicosia) and Larnaka (Larnaca) districts (both of which host international events at their world-class facilities), and three well-appointed ranges in the Lemesos (Limassol), Pafos (Paphos), and Paralimni regions. And, with excellent year-round weather, training camps for outdoor shooting can take place in the winter. During the cooler months, professionals and amateurs alike can enjoy all the amenities of the island’s first-class shooting ranges, and the proximity of ranges to the major 2ns allows for both focused training and relaxed diversions.

National and international events occur on a regular basis: the Cyprus Shooting Sport Federation organises an annual ‘Cyprus Grand Prix Sporting and Compak’ and ‘Cyprus Grand Prix Trap and Skeet’, while the ‘ISSF World Cup in Shotgun’ event has been held in Cyprus several times thanks to the island’s excellent sporting facilities. The Cyprus Shooting Sport Federation offers trap, skeet, and sporting discipline shooting facilities in every major 2n; shooting centres enjoy extensive facilities (including restaurants and cafeterias); and storage of guns and ammunition is always carefully regulated for safety purposes.

Shooting ranges in Cyprus are open year-round, with the exception of 1 week in August for summer holidays. Contact the person in charge of each range to ensure the venue is open for business, and bear in mind that the local hunting season (November to February) means more space on the dedicated ranges.

Approximate cost per round of 25 clay targets: €5.00 to €6.00

Approximate cost of a box of 25 cartridges: €5.00 to €9.50

For those ranges with shotgun hire availability, a small fee might be charged.

Formalities regarding shooting and permits are efficient and practically effortless in Cyprus.

Upon arrival at Larnaka (Larnaca) or Pafos (Paphos) airport, shooters in possession of a ‘European Firearms Certificate’ must present their Certificate at Customs (Red Channel) and then simply verify the serial numbers of their shotguns.

Shooters not in possession of a ‘European Firearms Certificate’ are required to fill in the Official Shotgun and Ammunition Form (available from the Cyprus Shooting Sport Federation) and declare their shotgun to Customs (Red Channel). Authorities will then issue a temporary shotgun import permit for the duration of stay. No other procedure is required prior to arrival in Cyprus.

At the time of departure, any temporary shotgun import permits or the ‘European Firearms Certificate’ must be presented to Airport Customs at the special luggage office of the airport, after check-in.

IMPORTANT for all shooters (EU or non-EU members): The import of 12G Auto or Semi-Auto shotguns is prohibited in Cyprus. Shooters who intend to carry such shotguns for exclusive use in competition are required to contact the Cyprus Shooting Sport Federation at least 45 days prior to arrival in order to obtain a special shotgun import permit from the Cyprus Police Authorities. The following documents must be submitted:

  1. Copy of passport
  2. Copy of the ‘European Firearms Certificate’ (if any)
  3. Details of the shotgun (manufacturer, model and serial number)
  4. Personal letter addressed to the Cyprus Police Authorities requesting the issue of a temporary shotgun import permit for participation at the competition or training camp.
  5. Letter from the local club (or national federation) certifying membership, and stating the name and registration number of the applicant
  6. Details of the applicant’s temporary address in Cyprus during their stay

Limited storage of guns and ammunition is available on the Ranges. Cyprus Police Authorities also allow visitors in possession of a temporary shotgun import permit or a ‘European Firearms Certificate’ to carry and store their shotguns in their temporary place of residence for the duration of their stay on the island.

The following rules ensure every person entering a shooting range enjoys complete safety.

  • When moving around the grounds, gun must be in a gun slip or case
  • When gun is out of a gun slip or case, it must be open and unloaded
  • Gun must only be loaded when in the stand and ready to shoot
  • Gun must always be unloaded before leaving a stand
  • Guns must never be left unattended
  • Guns must never be pointed at a person
  • Automatic traps must never be approached or tampered with
  • Only clays (no animal life) must be targeted and shot
  • The wearing of hearing protection, safety glasses, and a hat is strongly recommended within the shooting grounds
  • All signage on and around the shooting grounds must be obeyed
  • Instructions given by shooting ground staff must be obeyed
  • Steel shot may not be used on the ground
  • 28 grams of shot maximum is allowed
  • Instruction of non-shotgun certificate holders must be carried out only by the ground’s qualified instructors


See ISSF General Technical Rules, Rule 6.2.

According to the ISSF Rule Book:

9.2.1 The safety of athletes, range personnel, and spectators requires continued and careful caution regarding both gun handling and movement about the range. It is strongly recommended that all personnel operating forward of the firing line should wear high visibility vests or jackets. All those entering the shooting range are required to wear protection.

9.2.2 To ensure absolute safety, all shotguns, even when empty, must be handled with maximum care at all times.

  1. Conventional double barrel guns must be carried empty, and the breech must be visibly open
  2. Shotguns not in use must be placed in a gun rack, locked gun case, armoury or other secure place
  3. All shotguns must remain unloaded except on the shooting station, and then only after the command or signal ‘START’ has been given
  4. Cartridges must not be loaded in the gun until the athlete is standing on the shooting station, facing the traps with the gun pointed towards the target flight area, and after the Referee has given express permission (Exceptions, see Rules 9.7.2.i and 9.8.2.g)
  5. When shooting is interrupted, the gun must be opened and any cartridges and cartridge cases must be removed
  6. Guns must be open and empty before the athlete turns away from the shooting station


  1. All athletes and other persons in the vicinity of the firing line are urged to wear ear plugs, ear muffs, or similar adequate ear protection
  2. Ear protectors incorporating any type of radio receiving device are not permitted
  3. All athletes, referees and officials are urged to wear shatterproof shooting glasses or similar eye protection.
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