Photiades Wall
Photiades Wall

A rich array of marine life flourishes amidst the series of natural formations and coarse white sand of this easy dive site.

From rocks of varying sizes, including some with flat tops, to the long wall drop-offwhere the currents safely drift divers along, this is a pleasant experience for any level.

A large number of microrganisms and other sea creatures can be spotted, including the impressive sight of black and gold sponges in their hundreds, schools ofamberjack, crayfish, grouper, lionfish,moray eels, starfish, stingrays and wrasse, among other species.  
Location:Latchi, Pafos

GPS Coordinates:35° 4'39.10"N 32°19'0.26"E
Type of Dive:Rocky bottom, Reef, Drop-off
Visibility:20+ metres
Qualification Required:Open water
Dive Category:RecreationalDiving

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